Cannes Lions Keynote: June 21-25

Share of Life®

Cannes Lions is calling for creative revolution and have asked Vertic to deliver a Keynote at this year's festival. Join one-to-one marketing legend, Stan Rapp, and CEO of Vertic, Sebastian Jespersen, as they discuss a radical new marketing concept called Share of Life®.

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Rethinking the digital relationship between
brands and customers.

Customers new behavior is not going to snap back to what it was before the pandemic. Today more than ever Vertic is helping leading brands  entangle with their customers.

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We create meaningful digital experiences to gain Share of Life® with the digitally empowered customer  

Share of Life® is our doctrine. This thinking enables us to weave your brand into the fabric of your customer’s digital life.

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A Share of Life® approach to
ABM & Demand Generation

What We Do

People no longer go online, they live online. Decisions are now made online. B2B buyers have shifted their buying behavior that over 60% of the decision journey is now done online. Vertic has created ABM and Demand Generation programs  transforming how B2B brands digitize the entire buyer’s journey and take advantage of this new reality.

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Featured Work

Global Demand Gen
and ABM program

Vertic created a glob an always-on ABM and demand generation program enabling SAP SuccessFactors to digitize the entire end-to-end sales funnel and hyper target net new and existing customers. The program included a full turn-key solution leveraging an outside-in data driven approach, and delivery from digital strategy, concept, creative, content production, implementation and media strategy to ongoing real-time media optimizations.

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Featured Work

Digitizing the sales funnel through a global ABM program

Vodafone Business needed up sell and cross sell their services to their existing strategic accounts. Vertic's approach was to target key business decision makers with relevant content at each phase of the decision journey and push them to conversion throughout the sales funnel.

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Digital Event Experiences

Creating events specifically catered for the digital medium

What We Do

Vertic has created digital event experiences that enable companies and brands to bring together large numbers of their stakeholder audiences. These experiences are specifically designed for the digital medium, leveraging the opportunities available for much more interactive dialogues and experiences than available in the traditional offline event format. ​

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Featured Work

Microsoft Digital Event Experience

How to ensure that Microsoft customers get as close as possible digitally to the in-person Microsoft event experience.

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Featured Work

Siemens Industry - Digital Event Experience

Provide all the benefits of large-scale, in-person event participation through the digital medium

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Share of Life®

we no longer go online,
we live online

Positioning what the brand stands for was yesterday’s mantra. Now the big idea is to entangle the brand and the user in mutually rewarding digital experiences. Think of Share-of-Life® as the depth of a brand’s involvement in the customer’s multi-screen day.

“The Share-of-Life platform® developed by Sebastian Jespersen and Stan Rapp, goes far beyond the Share-of-Wallet or even Share-of-Mind metrics,”
reports James McQuivey, VP and principal analyst at Forrester Research. “The most powerful brands of the future will measure what percent of the minutes of your day they can meaningfully support.”

Weaving your brand into the fabric of your customer’s day. That’s how you gain Share of Life®.

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Share of Life™
The Share of Life® platform goes far beyond the Share of Wallet or even Share of Mind metrics. The most powerful brands of the future will measure what percent of the minutes of your day they can meaningfully support.
James McQuivey
VP and principal analyst at Forrester Research
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Our View on modern brands in a digital world

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